While the idea of window blinds may conjure up images of horizontal plastic slats, Window Fashions Showroom has an extensive variety of options. We offer window blinds in almost every type, style, color, and material. 

Blinds are available in vertical or horizontal styles. Both types of blinds are highly customizable, and can be altered to fit any window or door. Horizontal and vertical blinds are available in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Materials such as aluminum and composites create clean lines, giving rooms a bright touch of modern sophistication, while our premium hardwood blinds add a touch of old-world class with the warm tones of cherry and oak.


Horizontal blinds consist of individual slats threaded or taped together, which can be adjusted through a cord or rod, and work well in smaller windows. 


Vertical blinds, which usually run along a track, are perfect for sliding glass doors or large front windows. 
Not sure what sort of blinds might fit your space? 
Stop by the Window Fashions Showroom today for a free design consultation! 

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